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Oh que luna!

Calem SA, owner of the brand Oh que luna!, began trading in 1986, 27 years ago, in order to satisfy a specific need and to cover a demand, empty in the market at that moment.

Our company offers a line of high quality nightwear, innovation in design and fabrics and a new product philosophy.

Oh que luna! opened its first store in St. Ayala 32, Madrid, Spain. The wide acceptance and uniqueness of its products instead of the monotony of the existing creations in the market, resulted in the opening of several stores nationwide.
Following its local expansion, the brand began to develop an ambitious project focusing on international growth. 1994 was their first year of presence at SIL (Salón Internacional de la Lencería), which succesfully generated an export boom to different countries in Europe and the United States.

Since then, and due to foreign customers taking an increasing interest on the brand, Oh que luna!’s high range manufactures and exceptional designs, entered the worldwide market. Meanwhile, the Spanish retail network focused on a more practical fashion line endowed with the maximum parameters of excellence.

Export activity was interrupted as consequence of a company restructuring in 2001. During this time, the brand was strenghtened in Spain thanks to the brand El Corte Ingles, which is positioned as one of the leading firms of nightwear.

In 2005 Oh que luna! starts combining its traditional activity with Haute Couture and a unique collection of wedding dressesthat attract the attentiont of the most refined elite. This last segment has a considerable prestige and outstanding reputation among the top couturiers in Spain.

In addition, the company holds, ready for development, a system license known as DAC (Democraticación de Alta Costura) that consists in a new way of selling wedding dresses that allows individual customization with an excellent price.

Our goal is multiple: a design for all ages, circumstances and needs for a woman who cares about her image and claims for comfort and refinement. Oh que luna! designs for a woman that requires elegance and comfort at any stage of her life, wheter it is her wedding day, future motherhood or simply her day to day, every season of the year.

Currently, Oh que luna is the exponent of a lingerie appreciated for its meticulous design and outstanding quality in a market divided in between the inaccesible luxury brands and the lower segment of cheap retail firms.

Oh que luna! is, thanks to all that, a benchmark for women of the XXI century, because the concept of distinction lies in her own essence: ” In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different ” (Coco Chanel).


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